IndicNotes 1.0 iPhone App

IndicNotes is your notes application for Indic languages. It allows you to create notes with input methods designed for selected scripts using iOS system keyboard. You may also share notes via email.

Notes are stored in Unicode.

This provides compatibility across all applications. You may cut and paste the text into text messages, status messages or comments in social-networking apps. All of these can now be done in Indic languages right from your iPhone or iPod Touch.

Version 1.0 includes input methods for Devanagari, Tamil, Malayalam and Gurmukhi.

Get it from the AppStore:

IMG_0127.PNG IMG_0131.PNG IMG_0133.PNG IMG_0134.PNG

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2 Responses to IndicNotes 1.0 iPhone App

  1. Lochana says:

    Is it possible to add Sinhala (Srilanka) support ?

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